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Lviv Spiritual Theatre Voskresinnia was founded in 1990 by Yaroslav Fedoryshyn and a group of young actors from various Ukrainian cities as non-profit organization. The Theatre has won the recognition of the audience and critics for its creative search of its own expressive stage language and exact stage form. During these 12 years the Theatre participated in many international festivals in the Edinburgh International Theatre Festival (Scotland), International Festival of Spiritual Theatre "Yellow Woodpeckers" (Daugavpils, Latvia), Krakow (Poland), Ruski Kerestur (Serbia), Chenstokhova (Poland). It has also participated in "Art Berezillia" 94, 95, 99 (Kyiv, Ukraine), "Khersones Games" (Sevastopol, Ukraine), "Melpomene of Tavria" (Mykolayiv-Kherson, Ukraine), Chekhov Days (Yalta, Ukraine), "The Kind Theatre" 94 (Enerhodar, Ukraine), Krakow, Andrukhov - Poland (1998), "Kyiv Travnevy" - Ukraine - 1999, Kracow, Gdansk, Czeshow - Poland - (1999), Yalta, Mykolayiv, Kherson, Alushta - Ukraine - 1999, Ljubljana, Maribor - Slovenia - 2000, Warsaw, Kracow, Gdansk, Scecyn, Kalisz, Lubin, Hoynice, Czeshow - Poland - 2000, International Theatre Festival "Golden Lion" from 1994 till 2002 and others. At these festivals they presented a number of plays "Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin-Marie" by Paul Claudel; "Cain" by George Byron; "The Beginning of Horror" by Valeriy Shevchuk; "Who are we…" by Nina Sadur; "The Well of Saints" by J. - M. Synge; "Three Sisters" by A. Chekhov; "The Road to Damascus" by A. Strindberg, "The Giants of the Mountains" by L.Pirandello etc.

The Theatre produced many remarkable performances in cooperation with different countries (for example – “Mazepa” together with Poland; other projects in collaboration with Germany, Slovakia and Moldova). The Theatre has numerous awards for its performances at international festivals, which is remarkable as it its repertoire contains the works both of classic and contemporary playwrights. The Theatre is constantly working with new forms; as a result it created several street performances accessible for general public.

The International Theatre Festival “Golden Lion” was organized on the basis of the Theatre, and it is a member of the International European Theatre Meeting (IETM) and a member of International Festivals and Evens Association (IFEA). At the years of its functioning the Festival was visited by more than 300 companies from 60 countries of the world.

In 2002 the Theatre presented 151 performances. It also hosted International Theatre Festival “Golden Lion” visited by numerous theatres from 7 countries. The Theatre accomplished joint Ukrainian - Polish project "Hiob" supported by "Pro Helvetia" - Ukraine. Together with Sports Society "Dynamo" the Theatre produced the first pyrotechnic show in Ukraine "The Kiss of the Night". In cooperation with French Cultural Centre it presented "Tartuffe" by Moliere. It also organized Song Festival "Moloda Halychyna", cultural programme "Vidlunnia" and a concert dedicated to unveiling of the monument to The Pope John Paul. The Theatre was on a tour over   Ukraine (Ivano-Frankivsk, Kyiv etc.), in Poland (Krakow, Gdansk, Hoinize, Kalish, Leshno etc.) and in Germany (Dortmund).

The Theatre organized round table discussions and conferences to accelerate changes in social protection of artists. In collaboration with the Department of Youth and Tourism of Lviv State Administration the Theatre produced the show on the Day of Youth. Besides, together with this state body the Theatre is trying to solve the problems of unemployment of young people and the problems of decay of amateur arts in the centres of the region.

The Theatre together with Lviv State Administration launched the work on restoration of castles in Lviv Region. The project involves the teams of young people, who will work in castles. It is planned that at their free time they will participate in cultural programmes together with the actors of the Theatre.

The Theatre is trying to engage itself in the dialogue with the audience discussing different social problems. For this purpose it invited the company “Vilna Szena” from Kyiv with the performance “Morphius”. It started a row of actions, which will be taken by the Theatre to connect society and arts, and to highlight social problems by means of successfully produced performances.

The Theatre organized beneficent shows for children with special needs and orphans for St Nicolas Day and Ivan Cupala Celebration. The Theatre participated in the Polish project "Sviatkova Orchestra dlia velykoi dopomogy", which aimed at collecting money for sick and poor children.

The Theatre is constantly trying to support the retired actors of arts. They can visit all the shows and performances of the Theatre free of charge. The Theatre also assists in the process of sharing the experience of these people with the young generation of artists.

The Theatre is making an attempt of experimental introduction of new ways of investment in the culture and cooperation with patrons of art. Thanks to collaboration with benefactors and patrons the Theatre presented concert programmes with such companies as “Svitoch”, “Zolota Amphora”, “Davidoff” (in Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa).

The Theatre is working with such regional partners: The Agency of Women and Youth, Department of Youth and Tourism of Lviv Regional State Administration, The Department of Culture, The Ivan Franko Lviv National University, Sports Society "Dynamo", Picture Gallery, Society of Theatre Actors of Ukraine and Western Ukrainian Regional Training Centre.

In the year 2003 the theatre is planning to implement numerous performances and shows. At the beginning of the year it has already staged "Mountain Giants" by L.Pirandello (director - Yaroslav Fedoryshyn). The play has already made a positive difference in the cultural life of our city as it is responsive to burning questions of the society. To be aligned with high social standards set by the previous play the theatre is enhancing its efforts with "Western Quay" by Bernard Maris Coltes (director - Yaroslav Fedoryshyn) in April, 2003. To put the Ukrainian literature in the larger context we are planning to produce a street performance "Forest Song" by Lessia Ukrainka (director Yaroslav Fedoryshyn) in May 2003. To farther the goals to promote the Ukrainian culture we are staging the play "Danylo Halyts'kyi" (scenery and directing - Alla Fedoryshyna), which is dedicated to the jubilee of the Prince Danylo Halytskyi. As the public has high expectations of our theatre, we are planning to expose them to some other masterpieces of the world literature, that is "Mandrahora" by N.Makiavelli (director - V.Kozmenko-Delinde) is scheduled for September, 2003. For students of art to become truly engaged in the creative activity we want to implement their fledging experiments in "Students' Variations" (director Alla Fedoryshyna) in October, 2003. "Coming Back Home" by Pinter (director Yaroslav Fedoryshyn) in November, 2003 will provide an insight to the problems of modern society, becoming an umbrella for our efforts this year.

There will be some joint projects with the Department of Family and Youth: St Valentine's Day, "Mykola's Fairy" (director Yaroslav Fedoryshyn), Easter Family Holiday, Day of Youth, Ivan Kupalo Holiday, Students’ Festival "Castle Circle", The Day of Independence, Festival "Moloda Halychyna", The Days of St Mykola, New Year Days etc.

Yaroslav Fedoryshyn is an artistic director of Lviv Voskresinnia Theatre and International Theatre Festival "Golden Lion". He graduated from Kharkiv Theatre Institute named after I. Kotliarevskyi in 1976, Moscow Institute of Theatrical Arts in 1990 and Warsaw Cinema School in 1991 (the class of Kshyshtov Zanussi). In 1990 he founded Lviv Theatre Voskresinnia, and in 1992 he initiated International Theatre Festival "Golden Lion", which is now a member of the International European Theatre Meeting (IETM) and International Festivals and Evens Association (IFEA). At the years of its functioning the Festival was visited by more than 300 companies from 60 countries of the world. In 2002 he enrolled a class of actors at the Ivan Franko National University in Lviv. Yaroslav Fedoryshyn is constantly participating in international theatre events. As an artistic director of the theatre he took part in international theatre congresses: 1992 - Warsaw (Poland) - 12th Congress of International Association of Theatre Critics; 1997 - Brussels (Belgium) - Informal Europen Theatre Meeting; 1998 - Rotterdam (Netherlands) - Informal European Theatre Meeting; 1999 - Helsinki (Finland) - Informal European Theatre Meeting; 1999 - Saint Petersburg (Russia) "Philosophy and Practice of Performing Arts Festivals - III" (IETM Satellite Meeting); 2000 - Prague (Czech Republic) - Informal European Theatre Meeting. Together with the group of actors Yaroslav Fedoryshyn participated in numerous international festivals: 1994 - Edinburgh Theatre Festival (Great Britain); 2001 – Cairo Theatre Festival (Egypt) - participation as an expert for Eastern European Region; 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 - Krakow Festival (Poland); 1997 - Festival "Sibiu" (Romania) etc. He is also cooperating with Theatre Festival "Bitef" (Serbia) and Anton Chekhov Festival (Moscow, Russia). For now he has also directed productions in other cities of Ukraine, Poland and England. Yaroslav Fedoryshyn produced numerous street shows and festivals dedicated to important events in the life of the city: celebration of the Days of Lviv; meeting of the Pope John Paul with Ukrainian Youth in 2001, the celebrations of the organization “Ukrainian Youth To Jesus Christ” etc.

Yaroslav Fedoryshyn is successfully working with profit and non-profit state and private organizations, being an active participant and consultant of local and state departments of the government. He is an energetic actor of social and cultural life of the country. In 1999 he organized Beneficial Fund "Golden Lion", which is aimed at the development of arts in Ukraine.